This is just a little treat and an idea of what I do for a mini living.


Something to put you to sleep…

A simple piece with an explosion of color in the background! This has to be one of my favorite pieces for 2011 yet.




To me, this work comes under the uncategorzied departent, merely because it left me speechless, Why didn’tI think of this myself?  James Reynolds may have just found the solution for boarded up, abondoned buildings and those sort of things that have been due to the recession! I hope you have enjoyed the images and above all, the concept.

See more here.

Another find on the interweb, it is the talented Ian Johnson. What took me here was the technique and process. I am usually the first person to complain when someone posterizes an image and gets away with charging a million dollars when true artists like Ian actually go through a process that I like to call ‘making love’  and don’t get  full appreciation and recognition. Maybe I am wrong and he is known but why have I not heard of Ian? More publicity over here in the UK please!

Take a closer look here.

woolrich rainbow

I like these three images because of how they capture the idea of Woolrich products as all-terrain/ multi purpose garments. Here we can see that the Ad agency has delved into the company’s history and took time to understand the brand as a whole and not just as wool mill!

I don’t want to sound like a critic but “I could not have produced a better ad myself”.

This is only the beginning!

Happy Holidays


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